She Falters

 With glassy-eyed resistance to speed,
nostalgic, not ancient,
she clutches her childhood ideals,
while a flurry of long distance messages
broadcast over time.

Her past drops,
kissing her innocence
like the first falling snow
in winter.

Raw bone and cinderblock cradle
where she becomes apart;
she falters between home
and the impersonal,
grasping false security,
as she falls

long distance message
far away;
into the life of indecipherable messages
hexed by cupidity and charm;
against the hope that her life
is not in vain;

while she awaits 
inevitable change.

3 thoughts on “She Falters

  1. So insightful.  You should try a short story or novel.  Perhaps apprach the task as a photo poem and then feather out.Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


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