akimbo and askance
the twirling imbalance 
and involuntary disappearance
of right procedures.

Lifestyle adjustments gone the way 
of Rock and Rye,
longing for pineapple sweetness,
while immobile 
within the splatter
of one’s own uniqueness.

Lost in concussed redemption,
skeletal wandering in forest
of pretense,
though devoted, 
to donning wings
and mask of
angelic impersonation.


There was a time back then,
when the closest to a smile he could conjure
was a dissatisfied smirk,
targeting his malaise.

He avoided mirrors;

convinced that his desires were misguided,
at best,
he smothered in masks of self-preservation,
nurtured in solitude,
exhausted in cast-iron stealth,
with someday hope.

Someday hope.

The planets aligned
out of the blue,
like an angel whispering
a gentle major chord
that crescendoed into
a dream of flying.

in this free play towards oneness,
in this avalanche
his agnostic soul
begins to call blessings,

he knows,
he has been delivered 
from the non-linear,
when nothing was straight-forward;

with the last laugh of relief,
he soars 
into the loving embrace 
of everything,
of everyone
of himself.

Beyond Tradition

Musings beyond tradition,
crucial ciphers
transcend vulgar energies,

resting in cloistered meditation.

A spark would arc
to create a permanent circuit,
goosing lineage,
while expanding freedom from
the quarantine of fixed expectations
and borrowed inspiration.