Perception and The Magician

Perception is Creation.
                     -Andrew Holecek

The magician, he sparkles in satin and velvet
You gaze at his splendor with eyes you’ve not used yet
I tell you his name is love, love, love
“My, my, ” they sigh
“My, my, ” they sigh
                -Donovan Leitch
“Sunny Goodge Street”

Perception is Creation.
Through our six senses, driven by our genetics, ancestral legacy, culture, experience, and memory our mind assembles and creates a world –
a vision of reality.
Our brain and mind look for order, pattern and explanation,
and our ego – this sense of a solid self –
shapes and sets that world into a reified image,
in the service of  our need to construct a sense of security.

The mind is averse to chaos, the patternless, to discontinuity.
It is resistant to the dreamlike nature of things,
and cannot abide by
impermanence, randomness, and interdependence.
So we become stuck in believing who
we think we are in the narrow, rigid, fearful world
that we have created in our mind.

At times I will draw a Tarot card that may shed light on a line of thinking that lost its way
or a project that has hit a dead end.
This happened with the above strand of thought, and I drew The Magician,
and immediately thought of the Donovan stanza above
which has always held a haunting fascination for me.

The Magician:
represents the ability to manifest an idea or vision;
makes the invisible visible;
brings consciousness and illumination,
acting like a bridge between the sea of the unconscious and material reality;
serves as a reminder of how skilled we are and also how powerful the universe is.
The Magician has confidence in himself, his talents, capabilities and resources –
and knows the potential that is just waiting to be realized.

Who is the Magician Donovan sings about?
The Magician is an archetype, and is each and every one of us
when we become the spectator of our actions,
and bring  insight and wisdom into our minds.

This gazing at the splendor of eyes we’ve not used yet
is the knowledge that we create our world,
and recognize the difference between pattern recognition – which often leads to insight and creativity –
and pattern imposition – where we force our bias and predetermined opinions on a situation and convince ourselves of it’s truth.

As Magicians we are able to penetrate the chaos, the patternless incomprehensibility, the sadness and cruelty, the threats to our sense of security, the painful changes to the world that we were so accustomed to, and a future that is unsettling.

As Magicians we are able to direct our energies into creating an antidote to the darkness,
and in doing so we transcend the reified sense of self
and enter an open, boundless world of possibilities,
and relax into a timeless and limitless space of awareness.