I prefer movies.

I prefer dogs.

I prefer On Being Blue.

I prefer to share one secret over a bushel of truths.

I prefer downtowns.

I prefer the company of just one other.

I prefer cheesy organ fills and Fender Rhodes riffs.

I prefer pulling the plug on what no longer serves.

I prefer Tri X to Kodachrome.

I prefer what works without knowing why.

I prefer never having to ask or to answer why.

I prefer replacing things, knowing that all beings are irreplaceable.

I prefer the conviction of guilty pleasures.

I prefer ambivalence and not knowing.

I prefer the tarot to the news.

I prefer living in vertical time. 

I prefer donuts to dollars.

I prefer visiting the dead in my dreams.

I prefer curves and shadows.

I prefer big eyed beans from Venus to black eyed peas.

I prefer intentionality.

I prefer one true note over a symphony.

I prefer The world is all that is the case to It’s all good.

I prefer kindness to crazy wisdom.

I prefer scribbling to chattering.

I prefer noir in all its manifestations.

I prefer stillness and silence.

I prefer fountain pens.

I prefer sacred mornings, scheduled afternoons, and anticipatory nights.

I prefer being at home.

I prefer getting got, with being appreciated a close second.

I prefer the road to the destination.

I prefer the inscrutable calculus of being and doing.

I prefer the source of all sadness.

I prefer the idea of children, and their absence.

I prefer synchronicity and serendipity as portals to the Divine.

I prefer “Close the door and the light stays on.”

I prefer a cocktail of passion and equanimity.

I prefer preference to soul.

I prefer the magnificent illusion of the moon.

I prefer rooting for the underdog, while enjoying a healthy relationship to chance.

I prefer all that is gained through accumulating years.

I prefer levity and gravitas walking hand in hand.


* This poem is inspired by the popular poem “Possibilities” which was written by the Nobel Prize winning Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska. The poem explains the nature of mankind that every human is different, and so are their preferences. Therefore, one should not try to follow the prevailing trends. Instead, they should create a difference in life, tracking their distinct yet exciting choices.
I invite you to write your own “Possibilities.”
Please feel free to post what you have written