I Started with a Beer

I started with a beer,
then made a list of what
I was gonna do.

I made a call
to someone wounded
by the guy who
I replaced,
and made good
with kind words.

The guy I replaced had begun
by making himself a beard
with various kinds of tape:
Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape,
electrical tape, packing tape, surgical tape,
gaffers tape, painters tape, insulation tape,
recording tape with a sticky bottom.

I was amazed.

Then the guy I replaced 
went to town
and began to tear down
all that he could,
one tantrum at a time.

To Make

 To make something perfect 
 with precision and care;
 To be someone perfect
 integrating flaws in such that
 they have value,
 rather than being impediments;
 To be part of something vital
 and grand,
 with contributions
 of intelligence
 and expertise.
 This is what it is - 
 to fit into the grand design
 of this universe, our human tribe;
 this aspiration towards unity,
 performed with grace and humility
 is what may be
 our greatest hope.