Recruited to this stage, 
this time,
along the itinerary
of unfolding existence;

blown senseless by
the whoosh of traffic;
others speeding towards their own 
uncertain destinations,

that’s their business.

You shake it off;
your stage awaits.

Climbing the steps of intuition
you come to your own rescue,
with a joke, a song, or
a tall tale.

Your confidence rests in knowing that
nobody is paying attention.

Only the Devoted


It’s the devout who can see clearly
through the restless scramble
of competing significance,
embracing the hard nut of certainty,
and making irritable fact and reason theirs.

Empathy be damned.

They cancel their passport to mystery,
stuck safely forever en route
along the borderlines
of disconnection.

Time Out


Time out
from the jangle and disequilibrium,
outside communities,
pausing from 
coercion of masks,
dictates of roles,
respite from having to 
be someone,
be somewhere,
doing something.

Just being present,

to return
into the world.