How to Find the Sacred

Space is the place.
	-Sun Ra

Enter into
	this thing,
	this place
	this gesture.

Words get in the way.

Mute the mind
	with a silent explosion 
	of all-encompassing wholeness.


In the dark, on the edge of the ocean
sense rather than see situations
of flux and uncertainty;
caress the illumination.

Neither look for 
nor attempt to make anything happen.
You cannot manufacture serendipity.
Merely be open to its happening.

Liberate yourself wholly
from the amplification 
of this modern world.
Defend against ugly cacophony,
ennui and stagnation by
putting your faith in the belief that
things are not what they seem.

In a state beyond texture and temperature;
Drop all expectations given by others. 

We carry our home with us
wherever we go,
so no need to hurry.

Go in peace and grace - 
unfold all eight right prescriptions
And let them be your map.

Wholly presence,
Obscured by the aura of noise
That has become our gross survival.

Survival is not enough.

Prepare yourself wholly,
with patience and presence,
quietly aware that everything
you need to know is present.

Lie down in crabgrass and daffodils.
Sing the body electric.
Allow time and tide to pass
without comment,
while wholly waiting out the turmoil.

Catch your breath and wholly embrace 
the entirety of now,
finding compensation 
for what you have lost.

Wholly allow the world to be itself-
winning the moment,
in the boundless sky
of patience.

Wholly waiting.

Be vigilant of temptations 
whispering sweet nothings
in your ear;
this seductive noise of promise
for something better,
which you will discover

Know your heartbreak,
with confidence that it will pass
like a flash of lightning,
illuminating the immeasurable midnight sky.

Know the depths of uncertainty,
cancel your junk time subscription,
decommission your pinwheel of anticipation,
wholly distance yourself from the
antics of your mind.

The sacred is a reset
towards boundless mystery;
Be with that which is -


Hole Theory

Absences speak volumes:
Cut-outs, pin-pricks, voids-
All full of potential.

Imagining nothing
Instead of something,
Leaving space for projections,
Forwards and backwards
In time.

There is the paradox
Of the hole,
From absence to importance.
But ask yourself:
Is the hole 
Or nothing
At all?

Sashaying to the Holey alter:
The hipster sez:
Lack is where it’s at.

And did the guy who postulated:
In the hole,
The Universe
Drew itself,
Earn a Ph. D?

The philosopher inquires:
With holes, 
when does nothing
Become something?

How about something from an
Obscure law book in an imaginary land:
The hole is meant to obliterate,
But instead
It draws attention
Like water down

And the rest of us might wonder:
When does lack
Lose its negative
Connotation to become
An affront?

Or maybe not.


Through these holes flows
The air we breathe.