She Falters

 With glassy-eyed resistance to speed,
nostalgic, not ancient,
she clutches her childhood ideals,
while a flurry of long distance messages
broadcast over time.

Her past drops,
kissing her innocence
like the first falling snow
in winter.

Raw bone and cinderblock cradle
where she becomes apart;
she falters between home
and the impersonal,
grasping false security,
as she falls

long distance message
far away;
into the life of indecipherable messages
hexed by cupidity and charm;
against the hope that her life
is not in vain;

while she awaits 
inevitable change.

Wonder Bar

Duck into the secular church
of imminent oblivion;
drink deep, 
drown the Blue Devil,
play the pleasure trick,
and watch your ingenuity blur.

If you can.

Cash in,
bleed out,
retreat into the
grandiose unclarity of your

while you chase the love
that you’ll never know.