The Moody Gospel

The impoverish soprano saxophone improvisation
kills the Moody Gospel 
in an free wheeling jam session;
a series of inconsistent contradictions,
refusals to be contacted,
doing his dirty work, 
by proxy.

You think it's money, 
it's not;
it's personality,
and you haven't got one lieutenant.

What has he got that Susie likes? 
Lost his leg to a home town sweetheart,
a feeble alibi for amorality.
Your every move is obvious,
all antisocial perversion of value, 
not cleverness, not imagination, 
just brute force.

The line of wolves who are nothing to anyone.
You are 
Genghis Khan, 
Alexander the Great, 
Caesar -
Yes, they were skilled; 
but were they subversive?

Yet Again

Yet again
the relentless chatter,
embarrassingly inane;

the world is too much
with us,

a rebuke to our soft lives.

We are forever picking out constellations 
from these days,
to fit who
and where we are. 

The present rearranges the past.
We never  tell the story completely, 
because a life
isn’t a story;

it’s a whole Milky Way of occasions.

A Bad Feeling

She’s got a bad feeling about 
this calligraphic romantic diabolism,
all nerved up.

Squiggles and disambiguation,
exhibition of the lazy arts
with Tinkertoy rhythms
and obstructed harmonies.

She claims that there ain’t enough pieces of her 
to go around.

She doesn’t know that
everyday is anew, 
a state of constant arrival, 
another chance
for a belly laugh dawn.

How It Is

 How is it when the tree withers and the leaves fall?
Body exposed in the golden wind.
    -Blue Cliff Record

I certainly know how to get naked
and swing from a chandelier.
Unexpected moments driven
by music and emotions
of beauty.

Awkward interactions,
abrupt transitions,
bizarre, hilarious, enthralling
confounding and cathartic.

Lots of costume changes
radically reconfigured, sutured,
and amplified,
they contain and manipulate
so many influences
from vaudeville comedy
to hip hop.

Snippets of hard-edged music,
astonishing powerful,
and unpredictability wild,
and out there, 
and free.

Seems to represent 
an existential struggle against
habitual prejudice and inequality,
patriarchal capitalistic heteronormativity,
or something else.


I need something simpler.