Early Morning Mind

Early morning mind,
pristine, as sleep 
dissolves into sensation:
   the gentle tap-dance of rain,
   dogs stirring in their beds
      (the sleep of the just),
   summer breeze flowing through
      the screens, accompanied by
      a multifarious bouquet of

   before thought
   and a false certainty
   of attaching words
   to what appears
   and vanishes. 

Desponsive Position

Learning to fly in a downwards trajectory,
a tragic achievement with scatological insults;
the overspill of emotion part of your geography.

Memories slurred in cabbage and broken glass - 
smart junk,
disposable wit,
fetishized objects,

Pilgrims of Derangement impersonate Fantasists,
a forcefield around eternity.

Autobiography deconstructed from relics,
bleached of meaningful distinctions
fungal avoidance teasing out moral complexities,
esoteric longings and the nature of proportion.

The prejudices gave spiritual status,
sensorial tonality, master of shifting discontent and
diagonal momentum;

Too much to say 
very easily becomes 
nothing but static.


Drowning in fresh squeezed confusion
with the intensity of a crippled heart,

Dancing to paranoid surrender,
choking on much useless talk,

The vicious kilter of
love gone awry,

The world all gristle and ghosts,
dirges lamenting the nothingness
of it all,

The nostalgia tattoo throbs
in memories of the imagined promises
that could never have been.


quiet respite
without demands,
propped seatside down 
on a marble floor,
the night’s memory mopped clean,
and free from the weight
of butted burdens;

with the good intentions
of another day.