Misumo Bo Tamo


Artificial Lady
I love you like sugarcane,
Come and keep me warm.

It’s all because of the love I have for you,
We are dancing.
I’ve been living peacefully,
I have done my best to no avail
I have suffered a disappointment.
Don’t forget the past
Beautiful woman.
Don’t worry me,
Love sickness,
Tell me the truth.
I am not afraid.

Remember me.
*Misumo Bo Tamo She - I Love You Like Sugarcane

This is the first in a series of found poems constructed from the titles of Ghanaian Highlife songs from the 1960’s.

2 thoughts on “Misumo Bo Tamo

  1. I really like these. I read them a few times and glance at the photo while reading. Thanks for sharing these works of creative thinking.


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