Mr. Bombay

Boxed within his own chaotic discipline
Mr. Bombay comes to save the day.

A blowman in mirrored  shades,
he ventures towards a different destiny,
armed with the conviction of  his uniqueness
he embraces his faith in outsider status.

With knowledge of the rituals
of common connection,
he gets along when it suits him,
And suits him when he gets what he wants;

steadfast commitment to overthrow order,
through stunts and shenanigans
on bedazzled Saturday nights,

ultimately remaining
a lonely phantom
when the Sunday sun rises
and the less desperate return home.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Bombay

  1. I love the concept of Mr. Bombay coming to save the day, but so sad that he ultimately is just a lonely phantom, as the “less desperate return home.”

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