Tro Tro Entextualization

People Will Know But Who Will Tell Them?
Life Is War.
A Short Man Is Not A Boy.
I No Be Like You.
Envy Never Lights A Fire.
Gold Never Rusts.
Still, It Makes Me Laugh.
And Jesus Wept.
No One Is Perfect.

Observers Are Worried, Why?
Belly Never Know Vacation.
Sea Never Dry.
Love Is Good.
Love Like Death.
Cool And Collected, Lover Boy.
Are You Looking At Your Mama?
It Is Not Easy.

Women Hate Poverty Because Of Money.
Shopping Is Believing.
If You Don’t Look Well, You Will Not See Well.
Paddle Your Own Canoe.
You Too Can Try.
But Why?

Don’t Blame Jesus.
If God is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats

*Found –  Peaks Island, Maine

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